Friday, October 28, 2011

Album Review: Charice "Infinity" (Asia Edition)

Charice's second international album Infinity which she first released in Japan on October 5 (11 tracks, including "Far As The Sky") is now also available in other Asian countries (10 tracks only). Here's a review:


A year after the release of her self-titled album, Charice once again conquered the airwaves, to the delight of her followers, with a new album called “Infinity.” It boasts of ten tracks that were either written or produced by reknowned artists of the recording industry – with the likes of Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas, Jason DerĂ¼lo, Natasha Bedingfield and Kara DioGuardi among others.

The album bordered primarily on the subject of heartbreaks and how an individual deals with it. Starting with ‘Louder‘ – a catchy danceable tune about a heartbreak that felt good; it was followed by ‘Lost The Best Thing‘ – a more mellow track with compelling charm.

‘Bounce Back‘, on the other hand, tells about a rebound after a break-up while a love story gone sour makes a plea to “stop the madness Before It Explodes.” ‘Heartbreak Survivor,‘ another upbeat track and as the title implies, standing tall against the odds. Similarly, ‘Lesson For Life‘ and ‘Never Always‘ gives you the same treatment.

Following Charice’s cover of Ayaka’s Crescent Moon in 2010, Final Fantasy fanatics are in for a treat with ‘New World‘ as it becomes part of FF XIII-2 soundtrack though on a limited release.

‘One Day‘ bursts with confidence and positivity, ensuring Charice’s position as a role model to the youth and influencing them with a “can do” attitude. ’Lighthouse‘ gave a nice ending to this album and definitely made Charice as a “light they can’t put out.”

Using the tried-and-tested formula of mixing R&B with teen/electropop, the album have showcased Charice’s singing prowess as always.

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