Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Charice Pempengco part of concert series at Singapore Grand Prix"

"Charice undoubtedly will be a superstar on both sides of the Pacific one song at a time"
Charice definitely is busy singing at one-of-a-kind concerts. Crossing the Pacific repeatedly, she caters to her fans in the United States as well as in Asia. From the 9/11 military tribute for a NFL pre-game show to a concert in Tokyo, the schedule for the entertainer usually captures thousands of fans for the moment and it isn't a traditional tour type setting that she performs on. This includes her time at the Singapore Grand Prix concert stage where only the best get asked to sing.

With such a wide vocal range, the young starlet finds herself being asked to many events. Catering to the public, she doesn't turn down too many as she is very popular, especially in Singapore. The first to hear the new album, Asia has fallen in love with the celebrity. The Grand Prix event will include a first listen of her latest songs. With the release of her upcoming album, a live listen of what she plans to bring to the ears of fans around the world makes everyone jealous of those ticket holders in Singapore.

Other celebrities that will be part of the Singapore Grand Prix entertainment include Shakira and Linkin Park. With festivities going on around the car race, the concert will give Charice more exposure in Asia than ever. Slowing building her career, she undoubtedly will be a superstar on both sides of the Pacific one song at a time.
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