Friday, September 23, 2011

F1 Singapore: First Photos of Charice on Stage

Clearer shots of Charice. Links provided by jamie34 peters on Tweeter.

These are the first photos shared on Twitter by those who watched Charice perform live today, September 23, at the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

Videos and better photos are expected to be shared soon!

Charice :))) she's sooooo good! :D

Charice is WORLD CLASS man.. Amazing..

Watching F1 Grand Prix Concert with Charice and Big Bang - Korea show tonight! Bersama istri ababil @witawita

Charice is amaaaaazzziinnnnngggg!!!

Oh nooo, Charice is singing her last song!

Charice for you guys! She left the stage! No encore? It's okay it was a great show!!
She reportedly sang more than ten songs, namely (but not chronologically): Crazy In Love, Rolling in the Deep, Telephone, Billy Jean, I Will Always Love You, Price Tag, Officially Missing You, Look At Me Now, Before It Explodes, One Day, Louder, Pyramid, Bounce Back.

And according to magnustoday, she danced the dougie and the moonwalk.

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  1. Excellent,superb,fantastic,incredible,amazing, in a billion you, CHARICE!!!!!!


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