Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gathering of Charice's fans in the Philippines

October 25 is the Philippine concert of the David Foster and Friends Asia Pacific Tour 2011 which begins on October 1, that is, two days after Charice's solo concert in Doha, Qatar.

The ultimate Charice fan site, Charicemania.com, released the following announcement for Charice's Filipino fans:
It is Charice’s last Asian Tour with David Foster​! That is according to David Foster himself when he was interviewed by the Philippine Star. “It’s going to be her last time to be in David Foster and Friends. Charice wants to work full time with her career. She’s touring the world. She’s got Glee,” said Foster. Well what are you waiting for?

It is going to be a night full of music and ofcourse… CHASTERS!!! So, we would like to invite you to a Chaster Gathering once again. It might be a workday but that would not stop us in getting to see “in the flesh” the only people who understands our chaddiction! Special guests will also be coming and you just have to wait and see who… (Warning: It is not Charice!). We could only accommodate 100 chasters.
Go now to Charicemania.com for the gathering details

The Admin notes that the above quoted words from David Foster say Charice's "got Glee". This is totally the opposite of the general news about Charice and Glee's Season 3. Well, does anyone know if Charice will really be part of Glee S3 or not?

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