Saturday, October 8, 2011

Charice at Tokyo FM Midtown Station, Japan, October 8

Charice had an interview on the Japanese radio program Cosmo Pops Best 10 today, October 8 (Japan time).

Held at the Tokyo FM Midtown Station, the interview was open for public viewing. Unfortunately, Charice did not have a chance to greet her fans after the interview as tweeted by her companion Courtney Blooding:
@OfficialCharice is heartbroken and crying. We were sent out a back way and didn't get to see fans for pics and signing. :( she's so sorry!!
Below is the audio of the interview where Charice mentions that she has been to Japan seven times, including this visit; talks about her relationship with David Foster; comments on Josh Groban's comment on her voice as the most beautiful he has heard; and talks about her album, Infinity.

Check out the photos too below.

This other link is a longer upload (audio only) -



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