Monday, October 17, 2011

"Hunger Strike" Until Charice / Sunshine Corazon Goes Back to Glee

Andy Swift of wrote:
Charice Needs To Return To ‘Glee’ This Season — 5 Reasons Why!

Enough with the dark clouds over McKinley High. It’s time to put the Sunshine back in ‘Glee!’

When FOX first announced that Charice would be making guest appearances on Glee last season, Chasters everywhere went nuts. But just as quickly as Sunshine Corazon arrived on the scene, she quickly disappeared, briefly resurfacing for scattered performances towards the end. Now that the show is getting back to its roots, bringing back treasured beloved characters like Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), I think Charice’s return is long overdue.

Let’s break down my five reasons for wanting Lady C. back on Glee, shall we?

1. She’s the best singer Glee has ever had. And I’m not the only person who thinks so. recently polled our readers about Glee‘s best and worst singers, and Charice blew the competition out of the water with 51 percent of the votes. (Lea Michele came in second place with 22 percent.)

2. Rachel needs a real nemesis. Let’s be honest here: While Mercedes (Amber Riley) gave Rachel a run for her money during their epic Maria-off a few weeks ago, it was never really fair to pit them against each other. They have completely different musical styles, each equally impressive in their own right, while Sunshine is totally on Rachel’s level. It’s no wonder Rachel felt so threatened by Sunshine’s talent that she sent her to a crack house last season. I would have done the same thing.

3. Shelby’s rival glee club needs members. Mercedes is a start, but if Shelby really wants to take down New Directions, she’s going to need serious firepower. And what more powerful weapon could she possibly have in her arsenal than Sunshine Coraz√≥n? Now before you start with that whole “she doesn’t go to McKinley High” thing, save your breath. Kids can transfer schools at the drop of a hot on Glee – just ask Blaine (Darren Criss.)

4. Glee is seriously lacking in tiny cuteness. While Becky is doing an admirable job, she can’t possibly meet Glee‘s quota of tiny, adorable moments all on her own. The occasional appearance from Sunshine — with her giant glasses and pigtails — would seriously lighten her load. Ands we already know those Glee kids are already overworked.

5. I’m going on a hunger strike until Charice returns. Do you want me to die of starvation, Glee producers? Do you really want that on your collective conscience?
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