Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preview of Charice's New Songs from Infinity Album

...(FM Yokohama) Re:wind recently interviewed Charice about a month ago when she was here in Japan, and Cha made a quick comeback to the program.

In the clips below you'll hear them play those great new songs you already love like "New World", "One Day", "Louder" and more. But this time it's got more to it. You will hear two more songs from Infinity album played behind the interview in the second part of the clips which were not previouly available to hear, and that makes this one the world premiere to public.

The two new songs are "Heartbreak Survivor" and "Lesson For Life".

I leave you for the rest. I say no more. Sit back, relax, and I hope you'll enjoy :) BTW, Charice said in the interview that she recently has started writing a song with her keybordist friend. I wonder who..? we all know who :D

*Far As The Sky 00:54-02:13

*Heartbreak Survivor 02:14-06:10

*Lesson For Life 06:10-08:01

*One Day 08:01-09:24

*Louder 09:24-End
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Listen to the songs below:

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