Saturday, October 1, 2011

Qatar Audience Talks About Charice

From Qatar Tribune:
Charice enthrals music lover(s) in her first M-E concert

DOHA - OVER 4,000 persons flocked to the Katara Cultural Village to enjoy the captivating performance by 19-year-old Charice Pempengco on Thursday. It was the first concert by US-based Filipina star in the Middle East. Charice was dubbed as the ‘Most talented girl in the world’ by Oprah. Filled with excitement, fans started arriving at the venue of the show from 5pm for the concert that began at 9pm. The show, which was tagged ‘Charice Live in Doha’, was the first concert to feature an international female recording artiste in Doha.

It was organised by Golden Relations. During her more than one hour’s performance, Charice gave powerful renditions to several popular cover songs including, ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Telephone’, ‘Officially Missing You’, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’, ‘All By Myself’, ‘I Have Nothing’, ‘Just the Way You Are’, ‘Price Tag’ and the OPM hit ‘Ikaw’. She also sang her own songs which included ‘Louder’, ‘Pyramid’ and ‘One Day’, which was written by Nick Jonas of the famous Jonas Brothers.

Giving the audience a sample of her upcoming album ‘Infinity’, Charice also performed ‘Before It Explodes’, a song which was written by Bruno Mars. Fulfilling her promise to give the audience value for their money, Charice held the music lovers spellbound with her dramatic moves to different tunes. Talking to Qatar Tribune, Olivia Sage, a 10-year-old student at the American School of Doha said, “I was very excited when I heard that Charice was coming to Doha. I’ve known her since she first appeared at the Glee Season 2. I really like her voice. Her voice is very inspirational. It gives people some comfort.

My message for her is to keep singing and don’t give up.” Arlene Masaba, a Filipino expatriate working for the Sick Children International said, “It’s my first time to see Charice. She’s really wonderful. I am proud that she is a Filipino because she brings honour to our country.

I think she has a very good talent that the whole world needs to know about.” Shaheed Khan, an expatriate from the UK working for the Qatar Foundation, said, “The concert was really nice. Her vocal range was powerful. I have known Charice for about two years now when she first appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show. She was only 16 at that time and the voice that she had was as good as Whitney Houston. I knew she was going to be a megastar and that she is now.

She’s the first Filipino I know going big time internationally”. The international teen singing sensation was no more the little girl which most Filipinos knew from ‘Little Big Star’, a talent contest she had joined when she was only 12 years old.

The crowd saw a talented Charice, who has grown up to be a young woman filled with greater confidence and so much more enthusiasm to share her passion which is for music.

Watch Charice enthrall the crowd with "Louder"

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