Monday, December 5, 2011

Charice speaks about Christmas without her dad

Charice on Christmas without dad: emotions go 'on and off'

MANILA, Philippines – Global singing sensation Charice, who performed last December 2 in the concert “TV5 Presents: Christmas with Charice” at the Resorts World Theatre, admits that she has mixed feelings about the holidays: while it’s a happy season for appreciating blessings and spreading cheer, it will heighten even more the deep pain and loss she suffered from her father’s violent death recently.

On December 11, Charice will again be seen at the Kapatid Network, where she will be joined by a lucky fan who like her was discovered on youtube.

Just before the December 2 concert at Resorts World, she was interviewed in a segment on TV5’s showbiz program “Paparazzi,” where she made an ironic observation: she seems more nervous performing for Filipinos than for foreigners, because, she says, Filipinos are by and large so good in music it’s tough just thinking of the standards they have of performers.

“Everytime kakanta ako sa harap ng ating kababayan, feeling ko parang first time [Every time I sing in front of Filipinos, I feel as if it’s my first time].”

Asked about her thoughts on her first Christmas without dad Ricky Pempengco, who was stabbed to death by a drunken neighbor, she told Paparazzi’s Dolly Ann Carvajal, her emotions go “on and off.”

She lamented that she didn’t have much time to enjoy her daddy’s company after they had patched up their differences.

“Suddenly the thought comes to you, he’s no longer there. At the same time, we feel his presence, [and I feel he must be happy.]”

Charice is pleased that she and her father’s relatives patched up all their differences, which came to the fore hours after his death, when his sister blurted out on television that maybe, with Ricky dead, Charice and her mom would “now be happy.”

All that is in the past now, says Charice, who had dinner with all his relatives before she returned to the US days after burying him.

Back in the US, she said, the support and messages of comfort from the camp of Oprah Winfrey, the legendary talk show host who helped build up Charice’s career, poured in.

“We had flowers…from Oprah, her staff…it was so touching.”

...Looking back, she regrets the time lost for bonding, in all the years she and her mom were separated from her dad after the couple quarrelled. She says she feels sorry even though everything that happened then was beyond her control, she being so young then.
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