Saturday, December 22, 2012

Google: Charice one of those who create global culture

Psy, Charice help push global culture
By Vladimir Bunoan


SINGAPORE – Internet celebrities from Asia such as Korean pop star Psy and Filipino belter Charice are helping create a truly global culture through their online videos, executives from tech giant Google Inc. said.

As it prepares to welcome “the next billion” of new online users, Google predicts that the Internet will evolve into a more visual web that can be easily understood by a global audience.

Google executives said more visually oriented content will be vital in making the Internet more relevant across language and cultural barriers...

Smith said he is also proud that in Southeast Asia, a number of local celebrities have used YouTube as a platform to build audiences worldwide.

He cited the success of Filipino singer Charice, who has “gone from travelling around in the Philippines doing local festivals to uploading and building an audience in YouTube to being on ‘Oprah’ where Oprah (Winfrey) called her the most talented girl in the world.”

Of course, no discussion about YouTube these days would be complete without mentioning Korean pop star Psy, whose phenomenal video “Gangnam Style” has nearly 1 billion views on the video-sharing site...

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