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CHARMING REPORT: SCREEN Interviews Charice (Nov 2011 issue)

The CHARMING REPORT provides an English translation of an interview with Glee star Charice published in the November 2011 issue of "Screen", a popular movie magazine in Japan.

Here's an excerpt:
First having lit the fire of sensation from YouTube, now a worldwide sensation, Charice has become. Acknowledged by David Foster with her stunningly beautiful gifted voice, and with his guidance, Charice has been one of the "friends" of David Foster & Friends concert gala series since 2008 and is performing with him again as a part of David Foster & Friends Japan Tour 2011 which will be held on October 19 & 20.

The young starlet who has recently contributed her voice for the Japanese TV drama "The Bull Doctor" recently came back to Japan to promote her soon-to-come sophomore international album. Here you are witnessing the positive, energetucally happy girl was kindly responding our questions as below.

Q : You have now been very famous around the world. How do you feel becoming so watched from millions and millions of people?

CHARICE : I have come to right where I am now because of the support from many many people around the world and of course, many fans out there have supported me that has brought me up right here. I am so grateful for having been able to experience so many of the unimaginables, and I feel so blessed about it.

Q : Your new abum "Infinity", has full of tracks which maintains a variety for each tracks to set the rainbowsome colorful tone for the album. Any tracks you especially love or put passions into?

CHARICE : Definitely "Bounce Back". The song is about "to get my own back on". It's about a girl who put those people to shame who were so hard on and being haters of her (Laugh). Another song "Lighthouse" is an acoustic kind of a song as it was set up to be and that I so love about it. For another song "New World", is a theme song for a new Final Fantasy game, and has a hopeful message that is, even if you lose your profoundly loving precious someone, those beautiful memories you created with will live on...never fade away.
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Click image above to go to Charice's Official Website in Japan

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