Saturday, September 24, 2011

Charice Live in Doha Concert Ticket / Charice Fan in Qatar to Miss the Concert

Here's an interesting news/personal article from about Charice's solo concert in Qatar on September 29, 2011. Apparently, the author is a Charice fan from Qatar who just might miss Charice's concert there:
Charice Live in Doha Concert Ticket! Surely a big hit but unfortunately a miss for me!

Just few days left before the much awaited Charice Live in Doha Concert, I saw a friend posted a purchased ticket for the event. This Charice Live in Doha Concert Ticket that he got is for upper category.

Though am such a big fan of her, I guess I will be missing this once in a lifetime opportunity to see her. I know it is going to be a hit but here I am, sitting and daydreaming I wish I would be able to attend this event.

Unfortunately, there has been a big conflict with my finances. My brother is taking his final exam and I need to get his tuition done first this week. The frustrations when you are living within the means, making ends meet. Oh well, talk about priorities. Of course, I love Charice but I love my brother even more.

So to those who can’t get a ticket like me, here is how Charice Live in Doha Concert Ticket looks like:
Charice fans are known to be a strong community. Perhaps a Chaster or two would like to sponsor the author of the above article who is a Charice fan from Qatar? Get in touch with the author through Twitter:!/iExploreQatar

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