Thursday, October 27, 2011

Charice & Michael Bolton's "The Prayer", a Show-Stopper

When Bolton’s turn came, he materialized from the entrance, mixed with the audience and had his picture taken with some fans while he was singing and proceeded to the stage for more of his well-loved songs, including When A Man Loves A Woman and To Love Somebody.

And then came Charice, opening her set with Power Of Love and ending it with a number from her new (second) album Infinity which was released in Japan and instantly made it to the Top 10 Hits (in the US?), which, according to Foster, “makes Charice the first Asian ever,” and a Filipino at that, to score such a hit.

Hands-down show-stopper was the The Prayer duet of Charice and Bolton whose blended voices sounded so heavenly that they made you feel like, yes, you were in heaven.
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Watch the heavenly duet below:

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