Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glee's Lea Michele on Charice: "I adore her" / Lea Michele Thinks Charice Will Return To ‘Glee’ This Season

Lea Michele Thinks Charice Will Return To ‘Glee’ This Season!

Plus, Lea puts the feud rumors to rest as she tells ‘I adore Charice!’

Chasters rejoice! Not only is it looking like Charice will reprise her role as Sunshine Corazon later this season on Glee, but Lea Michele herself would love for it to happen! “I adore her,” she told's Chloe Melas on Oct. 22 at the 15th anniversary of Mohegan Sun. “She’s, like, the tiniest bundle of talent you could ever meet in your entire life.”

So when can we expect — or, at least, hope for — Sunshine’s triumphant return to McKinley High?

“Vocal Adrenaline will, I think, be coming back at the end of the year,” Lea revealed. “I really hope [they] come back, because that would mean that [Charice] would then come back.”

As a fan of both Charice and Lea, I’m really glad to hear those rumors of Lea barring Charice’s return were just that — rumors!

Watch our video interview with Lea below...:

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